Airport Ace
By Ricky Mauch

Airport Ace HD app by EnabledApps is an iPad app that allows you to check the time of your flight and finds your way to the airport. However, unlike other airport or travel apps, this Airport Ace HD is something new and it offers information that is absolutely second to none in terms of airports. With this, it transforms the iPad into a fantastic device that has a huge amount of knowledge more of an information database about a variety of airports throughout the world. Airport Ace HD is considered as one of the best travel apps for the iPad. In fact, it has been voted as one of the best travel apps worldwide and it is pretty evident. The app allows you to check almost anything you could ever want to check in terms of an airport and that includes parking information, transport options, amenities, restaurants and more. Design wise, this app isn?t bad either and upon first launch you will be able to see how good and simple the design is. The app's design is not like those standard iPad application and it actually allows you to choose your airport before you begin. Once you have chosen an airport, it will give you a variety of things to find out about it including amenities and what not, all of which are clearly labeled on the screen and this makes the app extremely easy to use, for all you have to do is read. One of the great features of the app is that it is a huge database for airports worldwide that you can find information about. The app supports most of the biggest airports in the world as well as some others and the lists of airports are being updated. You can find a map of all of the airports it has information on and give you tips as well as guide to where all of the things you need in the airport and how to get there. Perhaps the best feature it has is that you don't need internet, though you can get extra information over Wi-Fi if it is available, so I can say that it is a great app for those iPad owners without 3G. Overall, it is yet another must have app for the iPad for the information it offers is fantastic. The app is available for just $4.99 which is a great price considering its features and functionalities

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