Alphabet Zoo
By Ricky Mauch

iPad seems to be a haven for educational applications and games. There are bunch of educational iPad apps available for download but only few are inspiring. Good thing i came across this application called Alphabet Zoo, which i find very interesting, for it's not only fun-filled, it's also educational - jsut perfect for your kids. The Alphabet Zoo app is created to help your kids get more familiar with the English alphabet in an interactive way. It features an elegant interface that's easy to use for the controls are layed out so that your kids can get a hang of it in a jiffy. All the letters in the alphabet come with pictures, where some alphabets has more than two pictures for your kids to easily memorize the alphabets. Pictures categorized under each alphabets shows a tooltip when it is double tapped too, which makes it even better, for this gives more information about the picture being featured. It also teaches proper pronunciation. How? simply double tap on the letter, and under each image, will show you the exact pronunciation of the letter followed by the example. However, for those letters containing more than two images, you need to slide to check all the pictures followed by its pronunciation. Make sure to inform your kids to read the tutorial, for it will give them guides on how to easily spot the controls. Though, it's not necessary, for as i've mentioned a while ago, they can learn it as they use the application. Alphabet Zoo really works like charm on my iPad, in fact my son loves it. But I have a feeling that some kids might not like this for it lacks audio. I guess it would be better if they put specific animal sounds to the app. At least, there's something to forward to on probably their next version.

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