Apple Halts Vacation Requests for Something Really Big
By Ricky Mauch

Time for some Apple news straight from the factory. Have you ever tried experiencing getting your request for leave from work halted and postponed? It must be that frustrating, especially when you are onto something really important. But in the end, the company wins and you go to work again grumbling and complaining about getting denied. Well, the same is happening right now over at Verizon Wireless. According to our trusted source, Apple has just announced to its staff that vacation requests for this month are currently put on hold for a very important reason. Apple is reportedly preventing all retail employees without seniority status from taking vacations this month. Gee, does Apple really need that much workforce? Not unless the Cupertino giant is into something really big ? probably like preparing for an impending launch. Aha! There goes the idea. Hmmm. What about the rumored iPhone that is expected to be launched in VZW? Could the said iPhone be the reason? Maybe, a big part in us believes so. For the record, Apple has also retained its excess staff for more work. How about you, what can you say about this news? Tell us your thoughts below. Source

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