Apple iPad Review
- April 4, 2010

The Apple iPad is the brandís first ever tablet device. Like the iPod touch, it comes with a problem. Aside from the usual pricing scheme, but it still is something that will wow you. The device is feature packed and has dimensions of 7.47 inches wide by 9.56 inches tall by 0.5 inch thick. It weighs around 1.5 pounds and when held in hand, it has this natural, magazine-like feel. It has an 9.7 inch capacitive touch screen display that is covered by a glass-covered, oleophobic LED-backlit that uses IPS in-plane switching technology for better viewing angles. Its maximum screen resolution is up to 1,024x768 pixels though HDMI is not supported, and output resolution is only constrained at 480p. More of the device features in my review of the Apple iPad, so read on so you can decide if itís the right device for you or not.

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Pros: It is Appleís first tablet device that looks promising with lots of cool features. Like other iOS devices, it exudes multimedia features and performance.

Cons: The Apple iPad is expensive and Apple should have equipped it with a better display, at least something that has a native resolution of 1080P.

Many are comparing the Apple iPad to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but you wonít find any comparison here since I am a solid Apple user. But then again, itís interesting to know that the Apple iPad offers convenient access to Facebook and other social networking sites, forums. It has an excellent web browser, support for email, calendat apps, and toms of free and paid games. These features alone makes me want to buy it, but then again Ė its price is holding me back. You will also get tons of apps for leveraging online stuff like maps, for shopping, new websites, dictionaries, as well as language translators, and much much more. You will also get free e-book readers, and gives you the ability to watch movies streamed from both fee based and free online video aggregation services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Crackle, etc. It also a multimedia monster that has the hardware and apps for taking photos and recording videos, making calls (voice and video), recording audio, & of course for playing music. Underneath its display, you will see the home button that looks exactly like the oneís found on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The side of the Apple iPad and its back is wrapped with matte aluminum and there are tapering around the edges. But unlike the chrome of the iPod or the plastic of the iPhoneís back, the iPad looks to have something that will show fingerprints and wear. Like other Apple products, expect to a handful of cases and screen protectors for this device. The switches and buttons are located around the edges of the device, which is somewhat the same location to an iPhone. It has a 30-pin dock connector that sits on the bottom, a small integrated speaker, a volume rocker & a mute switch sit on the right spine. The screen lock, headphone jack, and a pinhole mic are located up top. It is powered by a powerful 1GHz A4 processor and features 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. It also has a compass and loads of Apple apps. It has a reliable battery that is rated at 10 hours, and is available in 3 versions: 16GB ($499), 32GB ($599), and 64GB ($699). 3G iPad with wireless data support (microSIM) will be released this May with the same capacity range which will cost $130 extra for each respective model ($629, $729, and $829). However, If you want the 3G version, you will need to pay for an additional data plan, over at AT&T you need to payt $14.99 a month for 250MB of data, or $29 for "unlimited" usage. The iPad runs iOS version 3.2 and offers basic apps and essentials like e-mail, an iPod, calendar, contacts, photos, notes, maps, YouTube, and Safari. However, all of these apps have been optimized for the iPad's larger screen size. What I like about the new Apple iPad is its new photo app. The iPad's photo app displays collections like miniature stacks of images that you can browse, unfold, & manipulate. Thereís also the App Store and iTunes store included along with a new iBooks store for e-books. All iPhone and iPod apps and games are still compatible with the Apple iPad and since these apps are designed for the smaller screen, you can either scale them to fit the iPad (causing some pixelation) or display them at their original size with a black border. There are lots of iPad optimized games and apps though. Other features include iWork, a mobile version with productivity apps like the Numbers, Keynote, and Pages. All apps are sold separately at $10 each, and will be compatible with the desktop version of the Mac which are sold separately for only $79. Why buy an Apple iPad? Itís made for gaming, and multimedia. You will be surprised how capable this device is and it is as if you are using a pocket gaming PC. The Apple iPad is an entertainment device and its iPod app seems to be a hybrid of the iPhoneís iPod app and the desktop version of iTunes. It has that familiar iTunes play controls and has options where you can edit your playlists and create new ones with custom names. It is for me an laptop alternative. It can perform tasks well, and can be used online like a regular PC. If you are not comfortable with its onscreen keyboard, or touch controls, you can settle using a keyboard. Some apps available on the iPhone are not available on the iPad which include the Weather, Stocks, Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, and Compass. Itís fine by me. It comes with 13 default home-screen icons, but you can download lots of iPad-enabled apps which are available over at iTune. Watching videos on the Apple iPad is awesome and I really like playing the MLB At Bat 2010 for iPad. Performance wise, itís awesome even if it is just powered by a single core processor Ė though I prefer the dual core ones. I did test the Apple iPad in our area using AT&T network and the call quality was OK. No background noise and the audio quality and volume is OK. Data speed is OK as well, and I was able to connect to our WiFi network without a problem. I was able to run some apps and games as well, and so far so good Ė I did not encounter any hang ups and sudden shut downs. Now the question is, is the Apple iPad a good product or something to buy? For me, it is a yes. Itís an awesome piece of hardware, inside and out. It has lots of multimedia features and a must have for video fans and gamers. And just like the iPhones that I have reviewed, itís a 4 star device as it is a performer, with a nice trademark Apple design.
Apple iPad Review
Apple iPad Review
Apple iPad Review
Apple iPad Review
Apple iPad Review
Apple iPad Review

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