Apple iPhone Review
- June 30, 2009

When Apple announced the Apple iPhone at Macworld 2007, the whole tech world has not stopped asking questions about it. Lots of rumors and speculations because Apple has kept many of its details under wraps until very recently. Now, the iPhone has been launched and it’s a huge sellout! It has set a new record when it comes to sales figures but the question is “Is it easy to use?”, “Does it work as advertised?”, “Does it live up to all the stratospheric hype?”. Just to remind everyone, the Apple iPhone is a a sleek device that features a user-friendly interface with music and video features, and innovative designs. Its touch screen is very easy to use than I expected, & the iPhone’s multimedia performs well. However, there are lots of missing features and some of them are the device’s dependency on the EDGE network, and its variable call quality.

Carriers: Retail Price: $499.99
Manufactured by: Contact Price: $199.99
Hardware & Software
Built in Storageyes
E-mail ClientIMAP, POP3, SMTP
Memory Card SlotN/A
Operating SystemiOS (3.x, 2.x, 1.x)
ProcessorSingle core, 412 MHz
Web BrowserSafari Browser; Tabs supported
Online Services Installedyes
Camera and Video
Camera FeaturesYes
Megapixels2 megapixels
Bluetooth2.0, EDR
Wi-Fi802.11 b, g
Talk / Sandby Time7.50 hours/240 hours
Size / Design
Form FactorCandybar
Headset Jack3.5mm
Device TypeLight sensor, Proximity sensor
Device Weight4.80 oz
Dimensions4.50 x 2.40 x 0.46
Phone Features
Instant MessagingSMS, Threaded view, Predictive text input
Phone BookUnlimited entries, Multiple numbers per contact, Picture ID, Ring ID
OrganizerCalendar, Alarm, Document viewer, Calculator, Timer, Stopwatch
Touch ScreenCapacitive, Multi-touch
TypeSmart Phone
Screen Size3.50 inches
Pros: The Apple iPhone is really an awesome device that comes with a stunning display, sleek design, and top notch multitouch user interface. I like the Safari browser feature as it makes Web surfing experience a lot easier.

Cons: The Apple iPhone for me has a variable call quality and lacks some of the basic features found in many devices like the stereo Bluetooth support and 3G connectivity. I do not like the fact that you have to sync the iPhone to manage music content.

We have reviewed quite a few devices from Apple and this time, we are putting our spotlight on the newest and the first cell phone device from the brand that has wowed the World from the announcement, to its launch, and up until now. It is the new iPhone, an awesome device from Apple that boasts with multimedia and phone features. It has a brilliant display,a slim profile, and clean lines –it makes you want to lick it . It has dimensions of 4.5 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide by 0.46 inch deep which is as tall and wide as the Palm Treo 755p. It is easy to hold on to and is very lightweight, weighing just 4.8 ounces. Design wise the Apple iPhone is 5 stars! It is a showpiece and indeed note worthy! It has a generous 3.5 inch display that can render up to 480x320 pixels resolution (160 dots per inch). The screen is very bright and clear with brilliant colors, & sharp graphics. Its user interface is also top notch with attractive menu interface that is intuitive, and easy to use. It has a main menu with a series of colored icons for the mail folder, its Safari Web browser, and the iPod player which sits at the bottom of the screen. Other basic features of the Apple iPhone such as the camera, calendar, and the settings are displayed above. By the way, even though the Apple iPhone is not the first touch screen cell phone, it is still the first ever phone to get that much attention and hype. Its touch screen and software interface are very easy to use than I expected. What's interesting is that I didn't miss the stylus in the least. It lacks tactile feedback on the keypad, but I had no trouble tapping my fingers to navigate and interact with the main menu. It also features a virtual QWERTY keyboard that can be used easily even with two hands. The Apple iPhone has physical or hardware menu button found below its display. This button will take you instantly back to the home screen no matter what you are doing. On the top of the Apple iPhone, you will see a multifunction button for controlling calls and the phone's power. Its speaker is located at the bottom and on the left spine, you will find the volume rocker and a mute switch, which is something that all cell phones should have. On the bottom part of the phone you will also find the microphone, and the jack for the syncing dock and the charger cord. I don’t know yet if this is a drawback or not, but it seems very interesting that the iPhone does not have a battery that can be replaced. In order to replace the battery (probably about three years' worth of use),you have to send it to Apple service center for a replacement which costs $79 plus $6.95 shipping. The SIM card can be removed though via a small drawer on the top of the device. The Apple iPhone is a feature packed phone though its phone book is limited only by its available memory. Your contacts can hold information for up to eight phone numbers, an e-mail, a Web site, street addresses, job title & department, a nickname; birthday, and notes. You can group friends to a favorites menu for easy access, and assign a photo for caller ID and ringtones to each contacts. It also has a calendar with day and month views, which can also be used as an event reminder or a to-do. Its interface is clean & simple, and syncing Outlook contacts and calendar as well as Yahoo! e-mail address book can be done easily without any problems. It also offers Bluetooth and wireless functionality with support for Wi-Fi. The iPhone automatically searches for the nearest Internet hot spot while you are browsing the Web. It has Bluetooth 2.0 on board that delivers faster transmission that can be used for voice calls. Steve Jobs explained that the 3G support chipsets take up too much room and drain too much battery but there will be a 3G version that will be out very soon. By the way, the Apple iPhone offers text messaging and e-mail. Its email menu supports AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Mac accounts. It also supports IMAP4 and POP3 systems, and will support ActiveSync in the near future. It also used to view PDFs, JPEGs, Word, and Excel documents. However, there’s no cut and paste text feature when composing messages. Other basic features include iPhone's iPod, iPhone's music player that allows you view album art, integrated speaker, video player, Safari Web browser, YouTube, built-in Google Maps application, lots of Widgets, and Visual Voicemail. It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera on the back that offers no camera editing options. Meaning, you can't change the resolution, quality setting and what’s even worse is that it has no flash either, & with no self-portrait mirror. I tested the Apple iPhone in our area using AT&T service and the call quality was good. I can hear and can be heard voices clearly and its speakerphone was OK, as our conversations weren't too muffled. Safari browser ‘s speed was OK via Wi-Fi network. I was able to load Web pages in about 5 to 10 seconds, and it was a smooth experience overall. Like with other iOS devices, music downloads was a satisfying experience as well. You can easily view featured songs as well as the top 10 tracks by genre. You can also search a specific track, and once selected, it can be downloaded in less than a minute, and it appeared directly in our iTunes folder. Cool huh? Activation was easy as wekk, and you can activate your device in as easy as 1,2,3. As per FCC, the Apple iPhone has a digital SAR rating of 0.974 watts/kilogram. For me the Apple iPhone is a stellar device, and I give it a rating of 4/5 based on functionality, design, and features.
Apple iPhone Review
Apple iPhone Review
Apple iPhone Review
Apple iPhone Review
Apple iPhone Review
Apple iPhone Review

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