Apple Might Launch Its Own Carrier Service
By Jerry Carrion

Frankly speaking, I have no idea how this should happen but I would really like to see its first steps. According to some reliable sources, Apple has an interesting plan to start its very own wireless service that will come directly to iPhone and iPad customers. In other words – Apple will offer its own carrier system. While the idea isn’t new, we haven’t seen anything like this previously. The only thing that keeps bothering me is how this idea will become real. Ok, I can imagine Apple carrier service’s launch in the USA but they won’t be able to do that fast all over the world. Also, the other thing that can’t but make me feel confused is if this will be obligatory or not? I am pretty sure that Apple’s plans would be great but if my whole family is on Verizon, for example, and I will be the only one with Apple’s iPhone on Apple – this is not going to work well. Too many questions to be answered.

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