By Ricky Mauch

If you like Facebook apps, then most likely you'll like this game too. It's even better, i must say, for it has the elements that's evident on some Facebook games plus a multiplayer feature. Bake Sale Blow Up is a challenging game between Jenn and Josh. Jenn is a smart and a competitive girl who hates losing, while Josh is a popular charming person who always gives his best. Both of them hates losing so it's a sure fire up and down team battle. It is a multiplayer game between Jenn and Josh where you need to move your team around and through food at them. Bake Sale Blow Up is challenging by hurling food at your opponent. You don't need to be a gamer to get a hang of the game but you may find it hard to master the controls at first. Don't worry, for as you play the game, for three to four times, you'll notice that you're faster when it comes to hurling foods at your opponent. The game has three different situations to battle against your opponent, wherein with each situation has different background. The controls is just all about throwing and how to move. And you might find the game repetitive after the third or fourth play because its like doing pretty same old stuff. But if you are a newbie, you'll surely enjoy it by playing against multiple opponents. Pros * Neat graphics. * Good set of menu options with a separate option for Character information and Storyline * Easy controls to hurl the food * Good use of ?Challenge shooting? option - practice mode Cons * Lack of pause or back button during the challenge. * The opponents can move from one side to the other side in the Cafeteria mode, sort of a glitch or might be a little trick to move on to the next side :) * Needs both of your hands to play the game except the shooting challenge option Overall Bake Sale Blow is something that you would like to install on your iPad. Highly addictive to play with your friends. Recommeded for kids also! The only drawback is the glitch i mentioned above, but hopefully this gets fixed in their next update.

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