By Ricky Mauch

BlogShelf is a new application for the iPad and I must say it is a great one. The idea of the app is to keep all of your blogs that you like and your RSS feeds organized, nicely arranged and easy to find in one application. The application is somewhat the same to iBooks in the sense that it is presented and this means that the application looks great, even if it does look rather similar. Of course, this app is not just a book shelf for your RSS feeds and your blogs, for the app actually has some fantastic features that really help take the strain out of finding your favorite blogs and RSS feeds. The first thing that you will notice upon launching this app is probably be the presentation of the app. And if you have an iPhone or if you have installed the latest software update for the iPad then you may already have the iBooks application. The iBooks application is a haven of eBooks. The app keeps all your eBooks nicely presented in what looks like a virtually bookshelf. This app, Bookshelf for iPad, does exactly the same, but this one is for RSS feeds and blogs. The look of the app is almost exactly the same as iBooks, and I do hope that you will not find it boring. Blogshelf iPad App comes preloaded with a few of the most popular RSS feeds and blogs already installed on the bookshelf, but it is easy to remove them and add your own. One of its best features is that it will not only allow you to keep all of your RSS feeds and blogs well organized, but it will also allow you to email certain articles and links to friends, which I find real cool, especially if you're into link building or SEO, this one's just right for you. It also has the ability to favorite certain blog posts or RSS feeds and the to customize the font's size either larger or smaller and even adjust the brightness of the screen. Yeah, I know that these are just small stuff, but they are things that most app makers don?t really care about and they really do make a huge difference when it comes to user experience. It also has a search function so that if you have a lot of things on your bookshelf, it will make finding the one you want even easier. Overall, this is yet another great app out there but there are a couple of problems that needs to take in consideration, such as blogs failing to update and the app being limited to 90 blogs, but we are sure these will be fixed maybe but just an update. The app is available for just $4.99, which is fair to me.

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