Conerter Plus
By Ricky Mauch

Converter plus is an iPad app that has a variety of useful features. If you own an iPhone, then you may have heard of this or had the Converter app for that in the past as it was previously available for the iPhone, and still is of course. With the release of the iPad a few months ago, there has been a release of the app for the iPad there had been a lot of iPad Apps introduced that comes with few new features also. Converter plus, as its name suggests is for conversion. I know that there are many iPad apps that have similar features to this app but we believe this is one of the best, if not actually the best converter app available. Upon first launch, you'll probably notice that it's somewhat the same app for the iPhone. Though it the layout is much better and the large screen really does make a difference. As we have mentioned, the app is basically a conversion app and what that means is that it will convert things to other formats. It can convert almost all currencies, measurements, heights, times, temperature and almost anything that you can possibly imagine and it will do it instantly and in a jiffy. One of the best features of this application is that the conversion rates are live, though you have to update the app via its online feature. This is a great if you are looking to find out the value of a certain amount of one currency in another currency at the current exchange rates and it can do this pretty quickly unlike a lot of apps, especially over Wi-Fi. Not only does the app convert the currencies to the live exchange rates, but it will also allow you to convert multiple currencies in just one click. Overall, this application is great for almost anything you need to convert and good thing it has been made available for the iPad, so you don't have to use a calculator or go to Google and look for a site that features currency conversion. It is indeed a perfect solution for if you need to convert something quickly or on the spot. This app is available in the app store for just 1.19, just around $2.

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