Cut the Rope
By Ricky Mauch

Chillingo, one of the best iPad game creators, best known for its Predator game, has done it again with release of their latest app called - the Cut The Rope HD. It's a creative puzzle game for the iPad, and as its name suggests, it's about cutting the rope and feeding the candy to the greenish creature - "Om nom" without dropping it in the floor. As you level up, you'll encounter more hurdles that tries to cut the rope. So at the end, placing the candy at the mouth of the little green creatures puts an end to the levels. Cut The Rope app is a next generation puzzle that requires planning before executing. It's not like those games that you can conquer without the use of your analytical skills, wherein your goal is to collect all the three stars that appears within the room. You may find the first four levels quite easy, but in the long run, you'll surely struggle. One of the highlights from the game is the Om Nom?s expressions during the time it eats the candy and when u drop the candy on the floor. You'll also like itsexcellent graphics and characterization. Disclaimer: this game is highly addictive and you might end up playing it from dusk till dawn. Graphics wise, it is stunning and interesting. As per my experience the first few levels are not that difficult - maybe up until level 16. So, I can say that the Cut The Clone game is not for impatient guys, as the game requires tons of patience to finish the later levels. The game has over 100 levels in total but Chillingo will add some up in their future updates. By the way, this game is also available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

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