iA Writer
By Ricky Mauch

iA Writer iPad App by Information Architects Inc. is your best bet if you're looking for an iPad app that you can use for writing. It's very simple and it is only a focused writing app. Yes, we all know that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has its own on screen keyboard, and it has a number of features such as auto correction and other things, but some people can't get used to it and find these annoying. Well, good thing iPad has a larger screen which makes typing a lot easier using its on screen keyboard rather than with the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. On screen keyboard is such a great tool for the iPad, but there's one better which is aimed at word processing. It is called iA Writer, a very reliable writing tool for the iPad. Made just for writing, the app aims to free you of any distractions and allows you to focus just on the writing. How? Simply by making the screen entirely filled with what you are typing and using the iPads on screen keyboard as a keyboard. Cool huh? Meaning, you won't be distracted by some other apps installed in your iPad which allows you to concentrate more on what you are doing. Design wise, it is extremely simple, since the idea of the app is just for writing, it just provides you with a blank canvas for you to write on. Upon launch, you are simply presented with one page with a menu bar at the top, allowing you to really focus on what you are writing instead on things like sidebars, ads and what not. It's feature-packed too and one of the best features of the app is that it doesn?t feature any auto correction. Because the on screen keyboard on the iPad is much more accurate than on the iPhone and iPod Touch, this app actually doesn?t use auto correction, so just perfect for drafting and specially if you're from a different country writing on your own language, this is just for you, for whatever you actually type will be typed onto the screen. This makes me ask myself which one is better? With auto-correction or not? Well, i guess it depends on the user, for we have our own preferences. Another feature that you might like is that it has support for Dropbox. This means that you can synchronize all of your documents to and from your Dropbox account right from your iPad, allowing you to work on files remotely. Just Great!

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