iPhone and External Microphone from Tascam
By Ricky Mauch

You know, step by step one of the most popular products in the whole world ? the iPhone, is getting more and more attention thanks to different attachments like extended battery, additional SIM card slots, strange classical dialers and so on. But this time Tascam offers something that every journalist should enjoy ? an external microphone. Yep, it plug?s in the data / charging slot and brings pretty nice results when being recorded on. The Tascam's iM2 stereo microphone is capable to record up to 125dB levels without distortion. It is also equipped with a pair of condenser microphones that are adjustable over 180-degrees for the perfect capture and sport their own preamp and analog-to-digital converter to cut out unwanted coughs and etc. But the treat is not cheap, though, and you can grab one for $80. Of course, if you are a regular user ? this is something you shouldn?t even think about but if you are a journalist or enjoy recording your thoughts in good quality, this is something to have in your pocket in case of emergency.

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