iTunes Remote For iPad
By Ricky Mauch

If you're an iPad user then you may already know that there are quite a few app out there that allows you to control different things around your house and that allow you to sync things, however, most of these apps are quite expensive and require additional software. The Remote app for the iPad, released by Apple Inc. is a great application that is used to control iTunes from your iPad. When we talk about iPad apps, this is a great one and whether or not it actually works that will decide whether or not it is good. Remote has been used as an app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices and it has been a huge success. And that maybe the reason as to why Apple ported this for the iPad. With the iPad having a much larger screen, it is much easier to use this app on the iPad than on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The design of the app looks a lot better and easier to use also along with a couple of great features that really stand out on the iPad. The design of the app is very clean, much like iTunes and extremely easy to use. Any user cany master the controls specially if you already know or you're quite familiar with the iTunes. The overall look of the app is somewhat like the iTunes and even if you have no experience with iTunes or this app, you will get the hang of using it extremely quick. This app allows you to do almost anything on your iTunes library. It connects to the library over your home Wi-Fi so if you don?t have this, the app will be useless. You can search and play music, videos and more from the device as well as setting up volume and create Genius and Shuffle playlists. Another great feature of the app is that it can be used to control your Apple TV. Just a simple finger gestures on the iPad screen is needed and this works extremely well and serves as a great remote for the Apple TV. Overall, this is a great app and is very useful. What makes it better is that it is also compatible with Apple TV, which really makes it as a great universal remote. The app is available free of charge from the iTunes app store.

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