Mac Mini Production Coming to the US According to Rumors
By Jerry Carrion

We have heard lots of rumors about the Mac Mini, and the latest is that Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn is looking to bring production for some Apple products to the United States. As of now, Foxconn produces most of the products for Apple in China and a slew of items produced in South America. It is still unclear where exactly Foxconn might set up a shop in the United States though.

The rumor seems to point to Fremont, California as a possible location for a Foxconn facility. According to the rumor, Apple products will be constructed in the United States, and it isnít the Mac Pro but rather the cheaper Mac mini.

Apple is expecting to boost their sales with the Mac mini. And their forecasted sales is up to 1.8 million units in 2013. This feat would be a 30% increase from the number sold this year. Building the Mac mini here in the US will definitely increase the construction/production costs, but it could increase sales as many Americans prefer to buy products which are made in the USA.

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