Party Playlist
By Ricky Mauch

Party Playlist iPad is an iPad app that will definitely change the way you listen to Music. Party Playlist is a Playlist Creator, Jukebox and DJ App all in one! It allows you to mix, organize and manage your playlist from the iPad. It comes with a custom made interface to organize playlist and play songs between two playlista, a feature not available in common music apps. Party Playlist is a party entertainer app that enables DJ style music mixing, switching between playlist to change tracks based on the users' moods which you can't do in a normal music player app. It allows you to create playlists on the fly with two independent music players. You may Use FadeOut / FadeIn controls to switch between player. It also has SoundBoard panel to add sounds to songs. Functionality wise, like the native iPod application, this app doesn?t require you to add or import songs into it. It somehow separates the audio files based on artists, genre and playlist to easily switch between categorized view. What's more is that the Party Playlist's controls are easy to use, so you get to switch between songs in a jiffy. Just swipe the finger from left to right or vice versa to fade the music volume before moving to the next list, to perform. One thing i like about this app is the Sound Board. It is the place to add funny sounds that you may use/play in between playing the music. It's your call if you want it to be built in music or add your own sounds to the app. But be sure that your music files are in MP3 or in the WAVE format, ok? To add music, just use the iTunes file sharing feature to sync the sounds files into the app. Once done syncing, tap and hold on the sound button to bring up the setup window. Simple, right? Graphics is ok, maybe the developer focused on the functionalities and features, which makes sense to me, for this app is just for showing off good music among your friends.

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