Pants VS Zombies
By Ricky Mauch

Plants Vs. Zombies Game for the iPad, i guess, does not need introduction. We all know that this such a huge hit in the gaming world and has captured the attention of masses all over the world for it's highly addictive. It's made available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, then just recently for the iPad that is just in time for Halloween. Thanks PopCao games! PVZ is by far one of the most successful titles from PopCap games, and you can purchase the game for only $4.99, which is quite cheap, considering the quality of the game. For those who don't know or not familiar with this game, you're really missing half of your life. The concept of the game is, a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. The game's key feature is its replay value, which most new games don't have. You'll find yourself hooked into the game for this game provides hours of entertainment and fun. The game is somehow one of a kind, for unlike other zombie games, the game setup is different. Zombies will try to invade your house and it's your goal to kill them before they set their foot into your doorsteps by setting up different zombie killing plants. There is a total of 26 different zombie characters and each of your killer plants has different effects on them. I leave it up to you to discover the plants' special powers. It's sort of a strategy game that needs mastery of the game. The key is to collect ?suns? in order to plant your zombie killing plants. You just have to survive the onslaught to finish the level. One more thing, be sure to collect coins from dead zombies for you'll use this toupgrade your plant killing arsenal. What are you waiting for? Download it now from the App Store!

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