Popular Photgrapher
By Ricky Mauch

There are quite a few app out there for the iPad, but this Popular Photography+ is created for those photo addicts. It's sort of a newspaper or a magazine that somehow transforms your iPad into an e-reader. Well this might not be something new for there are already quite a few magazines and newspaper apps already released. If you like Photography, then you most likely you have already heard of this Popular Photography magazine just in case haven?t, you will have now as its now on the iPad. In fact, it's considered as one of the best photography magazines in the world. It's updated and released each month with tons of stunning photography and advice in it. It's easy to use, you just have to launch the app, and let it take your breathe away. You'll be instantly impressed, upon launching it, for it's designed in a fantastic way. It's bright and colourful and it like a real magazine, only on the iPad. You'll see a lot of photos, and a number of great stories and features, which justifies why it has been created for the iPad for the Popular Photography+ app is best viewed on the stunning iPad screen. This app is really feature-packed but perhaps one of the best feature isn?t really a feature at all. For this app is created to showcase the iPad's powerful screen, making it the best looking e-reader screen out there and this makes it absolutely perfect for viewing stunning photography. Just perfect on the 9.7 inch screen and there is definitely no better e-reader than this. How to use it? Just simply swipe to each side of the screen in order to view the next, or the previous story. Select sections from the menu and navigation won;t give you any problems, and i must say, it is just as easy as reading the actual printed version.

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