Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite
By Ricky Mauch

iPad may be a good handheld for gaming for its specs are quite impressive but it's also good for documentation. And if you want to work using this app then Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite for iPad is just right for you for it gives you a place on your iPad where you can work on a variety of different documents including word documents, excel documents and many others. Think of it as your Microsoft Office for your iPad. When you first launch the Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite you will notice that the design of the app is detailed accordingly for all of your documents are placed on the left hand side of the screen where details of the documents are at the right pane. You'll be able to easily navigate and work on with your documents using the iPad's large touch screen. Probably one of the main features that you would like about this app is that it allows you to open almost all of the document types that are associated with Microsoft office. This means that you can open Word Documents, Excel Documents, Spreadsheets and a lot more on the device, and not only this, you can edit them as well. You can also share documents using this via mail. Just perfect if you have been working on an important document and you want to show one of your colleagues the work that you?ve just done who is online. How? Simple as just clicking the email button within the app and the document will be sent off to your mate. Editing spreadsheets with this app is one of the easiest and the best things you can do and even if you haven't used it before. You can do a variety of things with spreadsheets as well as just opening them including editing them just like what you've been doing for years on your PC or Mac. You can add new columns, rows, copy and paste cells, etc. The application also supports many different types of Office files all the way from 1997 ? 2008, which is great so you don't have to worry about your old docs that you need to open using the iPad. Overall, Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite for iPad is highly recommended for those workaholics out there. It's like a portable MS Office for the iPad and it is the first app we have seen that has all of these functions. The app is available in the app store for $9.99 which maybe a little pricey for an iPad app, but if you'll take in consideration its functionalities; you won't worry for the price anymore.

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