By Ricky Mauch

Safari is the default web browser for the iPad, and if you're thinking that you can't live without it, then you're wrong for when it comes to browsing the web on your iPad, there are a number of alternative browsers springing up in the app store that are made by third parties. One of these for the iPad is called - the iCab Mobile. iCab Mobile (Web Browser), is one of the few alternative browsers out there at the moment and I must say it's the best or at least the next best thing to Safari. If you have got a Mac, then you may have heard of this before as the iCab browser has been available previously as an alternative browser for Mac users. iCab mobile boasts with a lot of cool features, like what's have been featured on some browsers. Let's start with the design that looks brilliant. When you first launch the app, don't get surprised for it looks somewhat like the Safari on your Mac. If you have used Safari on your iPad device, which I am are sure most of us have, then you will know that there is absolutely no problem with opening new tabs. However, there's one thing that you can't do on this browser that is doable on Safari. You won't be it won't show a tab bar at the top of the screen which shows all of the tabs you have open. Well, it's just that iCab mobile shows all of the tabs you have opened along the top of the screen at all times. Another great feature of iCab mobile for iPad is its full screen mode, by simply hitting the full screen button. One tap of this and your entire web page will fill the entire iPad's beautiful screen making it extremely easy for you to navigate around and read. Also, iCab mobile has a feature that allows you to use modules. These are like the add-ons for the browser that we normally use for Firefox. There are lots of modules available for the application including a Twitter module, a Google module and many others and they will really help make your browsing experience easy and wonderful. Overall, iCab Mobile (Web Browser) is a brilliant one especially if you are looking for an alternative browser to safari. This app is available for just $1.99 in the app store so it is well worth a try.

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