Speak It! iPad
By Ricky Mauch

One of the things that are noticeable about the iPad is that its screen is extremely large which makes reading things extremely easy, but you still might not be able to be bothered to read a lot of things. The iPad has a lot of things for it, that app developers make use to their advantage and one of the iPad apps that take these things in consideration is the Speak It! It's a Text to Speech app for the iPad wherein it read things aloud to you on your iPad so you don?t have to. The first thing to take note of is it design and I think it is pretty good. Upon launch of the app or when you get to see it for the first time you will probably notice this also and rate it to be pretty simple, I guess the developers dwelled on the functionalities rather than design. However, the small amount of design that has been incorporated into the app is certainly fine for the app is laid out well, just enough for almost anyone to understand it. The app has a lot of features, all of which are designed to make your life a lot easier than never before and it uses the iPad's built in speaker and the headphones to allow the app to read things to you. One of the best features of the app is Copy and Paste, it allows you to actually copy and paste text from almost any other app on the iPad device in to the Speak It! Text to Speech application. How? Simply copy some text, launch the Speak It! Text to Speech app and then paste it. After this, you can take advantage of the other features and have the text read out aloud to you. The other great feature that you might want also is that it can actually have the text read to you in four different voices. Two of them are British voices and two of them are American, One male voice and one female voice for each region and this means that you will really be able to have the text read to you in an accent that is easy to understand for yourself. Overall, this is yet another fantastic app for the iPad and for me it has to be the best there is when it comes to offering best text to speech services of any app for the iPad. However this is not free but it's very cheap, available for just $1.99 from the app store.

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