Speakeasy Voice Recorder
By Ricky Mauch

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder is pretty self-explanatory, and if you own an iPhone then you probably this app for this is a preinstalled app for the iPhone that enables to you make voice recordings with the device, the app is called Voice Memos. However, an iPad comes with no such app preinstalled, and if you want to make voice recordings using the device, then you will have to download a third party app like this one, Voice Recorder. Firstly, it's really hard to decipher as to how an iPad doesn't have a voice recording app preinstalled, as the device does come with a microphone, but never mind, maybe they had a deal with developers, for there are lots of third party app that will enable you to make all the voice recordings you want. This SpeakEasy voice recorder is a very well designed app that allows you to make voice recordings using the iPad extremely easily. Upon first launch of the application, you will notice that the design is neat and simple, yet it has all the features that you will need in order to record what you need. To begin recording, you simply need to tap the microphone icon that is located in the centre of the screen. After this, simply speak into the device and it will record whatever you are saying. Simple huh? This application also allows you to share your voice recordings over you home network. So if you have a wireless home network, once you have recorded a voice recording, you can then transfer the recording to your PC or Mac wirelessly straight from the iPad. You can save a large amount of recordings on the iPad as much as you want, and you can even choose to fill up the whole of your iPad?s memory with them though you can delete the file upon transferring the voice recordings to your PC or Mac wirelessly to leave you much more memory for the fun stuff, such as music, games and other apps. There is one problem that I have noticed with his application. The voice recordings are saved in quite large in size. It's like few megabytes for a simply 2 minute recording, which although they are good quality, it does seem a little bit like it isn?t needed. Overall, SpeakEasy Voice Recorder is really a great app for the iPad for this comes in handy if you're bored with your usual apps, and feel like you're into singing or into voice recordings. It may have a bit of a problem, but I must say that by far this is one of the best in the iTunes app store.

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