By Ricky Mauch

Square for the iPad is a payment application that is available for the iPhone and Android mobile phones for quite some time now. This is actually created to allow you to accept credit card payments wherever you are, whether you are a business user or even a personal user. Honestly, I am quite new to this application, so please bear with me for I have used this like a few times on my iPhone, but with the release of Apple?s iPad I guess I'll be using it for good now, since I'm into buying and selling. Well, the app is much easier to use on the iPad since the screen is larger and the controls are well laid out. To use the application, you will need to sign up at SquareUp.com, which is for free. Once you have done this, wait for a free card reader that will be shipped to you. This device is something that will plug into the audio jack of the iPad to be used for credit cards swiping. If you do not wish to use a card reader with the application then credit card details can also be entered into the application manually using the on screen keypad on the iPad. After each transaction with the application, you will be given a receipt with signatures which can be signed on the iPad?s large screen. Is the service free? Actually not, for it works in a similar way to other transaction marketplaces such as PayPal. Although it is free to download the app and even review the card reader, Square will actually take a small fee from each transaction that you make. The fee isn?t much and it won't hurt your pockets especially if you are making a lot of transactions. Overall, this is a fantastic app for the iPad and is highly recommended to those who own businesses with many retail outlets or by people such as website designers who can accept a payment from their clients in a design meeting. The best thing about this is that it's for Free as well as the card reader that works along with the app.

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