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Welcome to the CellPhoneTrek Staff Page! Below you will find who exactly help make this company run like a well oiled machine. The CellPhoneTrek Family consists of only the most excellent writers who have taken their love for technology and have shared their knowledge here. When you click on each photograph, you will open yourself to each writer's personal bio that gives you a quick summary of who they are and what they enjoy. The CellPhoneTrek staff not only consists of writers, but some of the staff also takes on the challenge of video reviews as well. With in our reviews our journalists provide you with their expert opinions on what is worth your time and what isn't worth the hole in your wallet. The folks at CPT, want to help you find the perfect devices for you and we take the time to go into depth on each and everyone of our reviews for phones, tablets, and accessories. Here at CellPhoneTrek, we provide you with the latest in breaking news right when it happens; when you make CPT your one stop for breaking news, you won't be disappointed. Check out all of the CellPhoneTrek Staff Bios below and click on each one to read about each person more in depth!

Erika Galeano
Brandi Joles
My iPhone is an OK device. It surprises most of my friends when I don't rant...
Fred Salva
Kim Zalewski
Mark Zalewski
Miranda Kay
Ricky Mauch
Tommy Rebik
As an die hard Android user it was difficult to switch over to the iPhone for...
Jerry Carrion
As someone who didn't start using the iPhone as their first smartphone I can say with...