The Early Edition
By Ricky Mauch

If you don?t know RSS Feeds yet, then here's a bit of information about it. Basically, you subscribe to different RSS feeds from different websites to get news or updates regularly via mail or whichever option the website has given you. So far, you could only really do this on your PC or Mac, but now, it's a good thing that this can now be done on your iPad. I know that that this is nothing new for you can follow RSS feeds on a mobile device, well, while you may be right, it?s the way that you follow them that?s changed. The Early Edition for the iPad aggregates your favorite news sources together and presents them in a format that looks extremely similar to a newspaper. Cool huh? The idea behind this is that you can flick through the news from all of your different RSS feeds that you are subscribed to in the same way that you would flick through a newspaper or book. The app actually comes with hundreds of news feeds pre-configured. And upon first launch, you'll see the default list of ?All Feeds? which will generate your ?newspaper? from all these sources. You can just tap on any of the sources to view just the one source. It is well designed and quite intuitive to use too, but it takes time to really get the hang of using the application. There is one minor problem though; adding your own RSS feeds to the list is not easy as it sound. For, in order to do so, you have to type them all in manually. There is no search option within the app too, which can be quite time consuming. If you need to search, you can use Safari and then copy and paste the RSS feed link from Safari to Early Edition, which for me is very time consuming. Overall, The Early Edition is not that bad since the idea of the app is extremely good. The content is laid out well and is very intuitive. However, I would like to see the developers fix the above-mentioned bugs/problems in the next update. At the cost of $4.99 from the app store, it might be worth waiting for the next update.

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