The White iPhone 4 Coming Soon Via Verizon?
By Ricky Mauch

Hmmm. We are still investigating if it?s a case of an unfortunate misprint or another intentional marketing strategy. We checked out Verizon Wireless? site and happened to grab a photo of a white iPhone 4. Yep, that?s right! It?s a white iPhone 4 and it is showcased on Verizon?s site. Once you click the ?more about the iPhone 4? and ?tech specs? in Verizon Wireless' site, you will be directed to photo ad of the iPhone in both the black or white category of your choice? that?s depends on your preference. Although Verizon never mentioned about a white iPhone coming in via their way, the idea that Verizon has posted an ad about it is driving us crazy. We managed to check the site and to our surprise, it was removed! Now, we are getting more suspicious. Is Verizon gearing up for a white iPhone 4 launch? Now it looks like we have another cool topic to talk about in the next days to come. Source

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