Tommy Rebik

Tommy Rebik
As an die hard Android user it was difficult to switch over to the iPhone for work, while it is easy to admit and understand why others use the phone I find it constantly infuriating that I have to use iTunes to use the device to load anything. I'm not to proud to say that the number of applications they have is impressive though. I will admit that the diversity of apps they have available is nice but Android does have almost just as many. Now as a technology reviewer I might be biased. When it comes to reviewing phones Apple only releases one a year and maybe a Tablet as well so it's hard work reviewing just two devices a year and trying to stay cool and hip. If it weren't for the applications the iPhone wouldn't be that interesting to talk about nor would we have much to review. The accessories and apps that we play with are all the way from the super cool all the way down to the "what were they thinking ". Besides fighting the urges every day to chuck my iPhone in to the ocean I enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, and taking my beautiful fiancee out on the town.

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